Air Conditioning, CSA Space, August 19 - September 19, 2010. Vancouver BC

Unend of Sunlight, 2010
anti-static polyethylene foam, vinyl mesh sleeves, various objects
26"x 24" x 9"

Hanging in Wait for the Blue Hour
molded polyethylene foam, plastic bag, non-slip mesh,

Trials in Shaping a Gleam, 2010
re-used corrugated plastic signs

Letting daylight in through a hidden window behind a wall, Trials in Shaping a Gleam sits snugly between the interior and the exterior of the building, not unlike the perch of an air conditioner. Corrugated plastic signs, remnants of the 2010 Games, are stacked in an opening facing the window's ledge. The piece is flush against the interior wall, which upon approach filters sunlight and street noise through the narrow flutes of the 1/4" sheets.