Relief perf
Flashspun high density polyethylene (framed)
12 x 10.5”

Membrane for a gust
Flashspun high density polyethylene, aluminum rod,
variable dimensions

Everything but free air itself, 2015
Digital video, 4:26 min

The video installation Everything but free air itself takes a sensory inventory of the landscape of Southern Ontario’s wind turbines. The structure of the two videos elicit a tension that parallels the aural, visual, political, and ecological tensions that have arisen out of the expansive new initiatives of wind energy in Ontario.

Relief perf and Membrane for a gust are constructions made of a weather barrier sheathing product Tyvek, which is used to prevent air from passing through a building. In Membrane for a Gust, an excessive patterning of semi-circle slits are cut in the Tyvek similar to wind slits often cut in banners. In typical use, the slits have been known to fail as they create more weak points in a banner, making it more susceptible to ripping in high winds.

Included in A Gust of Wind at DNA Artspace, October 3 - November 14, 2015.

Shadow Flicker, 2015. Document of a phenomenon called "shadow flicker" caused by the shadow of a rotating wind turbine blade. [WARNING: This video contains repetitive high contrast flashing light.]

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