A Negentropic Promise
DNA Artspace, London, Ontario
August 23 - September 27, 2014.

Photo Credit: Ruth Skinner

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, scraper mat, bucket, ice, sponge. , scraper mat, bucket, ice, sponge polystyrene, heat lamp, tarp. 2014, w/microwave filter. Pocket filter, cellophane bag. Dropped ceiling. Dropped ceiling, packing foam. w/ Pain Relief. car bumper foam, gypsum tiles. light diffuser panels, packing tape Strain cells, attic rafter foam. w/ Ceiling by Retaining. powder coated spun fiberglass. melted foam, self-cling plastic. sugar water, bumper foam. sugar water, bumper foam. filter, trapped dust, cellophane. (detail) wrap, filter, particulate matter. 2014. Window frame, frosted glass. 2014. (detail) coated steel, spun fiberglass. Digital video (installation view). Digital video. Link to video