November 22 to December 20, 2014.

A dry and delicate aesthetic surfaces from slight sculptures and print work informed by the artist’s notes on MKG127’s heating and air conditioning unit. After gleaning discarded elements, insulators, and structural components from mechanical devices, methods of melting, slicing, tumbling, and over-touching are applied among others.

The exhibition includes a collaboration with Minneapolis-based poet Emily Fedoruk, in a specially labelled diagram resembling the dimensional data-sheet provided by the manufacturer, Applied Comfort Products. Fedoruk’s own research in critical geography and cultural studies overlaps with Moore’s to draw connections between the building envelope, social space, the technical object, and metrical language.

Bare Chassis
die-cut steel, moisture proof foam
9 x 34 ⅛ x 1 ⅜ “

Cross Flow Assy.
gifts of found foam (Berlin and Hudson River, NY)
11 ⅜ x 17 ⅝ x 1“

Unmeshed Odor Trap
aluminum mesh, spun polyester, charcoal coated polyester, fibreglass
12 ¾ x 16 ½ x 5 ¾“

Calmed Conduct
Nichrome heating elements powder coated with hospital beds
5 ⅜ x 11 ¼ x4 ⅝”

Temperature Remnant
denim insulation, powder coated stove elements’
11 x 7.¾ x 3 ¼“

Tumble-dried Impressions
coconut carbon deodorizer, tumbled dryer sheets, polystyrene
18 ½ x 32 ⅛ 2“

Co-vented Batts Rack
polyester batting, intake vent
14 ½ x 29 ¼ “ on 42 x 16 unit

Applied Comfort, Edition of 20
Tegan Moore and Emily Fedoruk
digital print on rising stonehenge

Documentation: Toni Hafkenscheid